Sunday, 29 December 2013

Our trip up North

In the weekend me and my family went up North. The ride was long it took us about 4 or 5 hours to get up there. my Dad's friends escorted us on the motorbike. We arrived at Whangarei and went to the Harbor and the Waterfront. After that we were going to book our place to stay lots of Motels were fully booked out. But we finally found a Motel in Kerikeri. We made our way from Paiha to Kerikeri we stayed in a 5 bed Cabin. The next day we went up to Cape Reinga the farrest you can go up North. Heaps of people were there I didn't want to get out to go to the lighthouse because it was to windy and it was raining so I stayed in the van. After we finished up Cape Reinga we went back to Kerikeri which took us about 100 km or more. The next morning we had to go back down to Auckland because we only was booked at Kerikeri for 2 days which was the whole weekend. We went to have lunch at Wellsford North Auckland. We had to go to my uncle's to drop off my Nana in Ranui. After we dropped off my Nana and went back home it was a long weekend with all the driving.

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