Monday, 23 December 2013

Ride out to Little Huia and Whatipu

On Saturday Me and my Dad rode out on the Motorbikes to Little Huia and Whatipu. Little Huia and Whatipu is all the way out West Auckland. On the way we went through Titirangi. While we were riding I realised that there were heaps of windy roads. We finally arrived at Huia Domain there we just saw the great view. Then we were on our way to Little Huia which was about 1km ahead from Huia. We arrived at Little Huia there were heaps of Rocks out there. We went to Whatipu and we arrived and was riding on a Gravel Road I Hate Gravel Roads because it can sometimes be bumpy and there are sometimes cliffs on the side of the road and you can easily fall into. Thats was like a 6 or 5 hour ride. It was a cool ride.

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