Monday, 30 December 2013

What I did for Christmas

On Christmas day we did our rounders which is visiting people and family. We first when to my Aunty's my Aunty gave me 100$ which is heaps of money. I was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 with my cousin in the room. When my dad said we had to leave I was sad because I like playing Grand Theft Auto 5. Then we went to the cemetery to visit my Nana because she passed away 5 years ago. We saw my Papa and my Uncle there. Then we went to my Nana's for lunch. We arrived at they were already eating there was heaps of meat and heaps of salad on the table ready. I had Ham,Pork and Chicken that was filling I was so full after that. After lunch we went out to my Papa's were all the family was going we got to open our present's I got a Present from my Papa and a present from my Cousin and Niece. Christmas was the best event in the year.

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  1. Hey Patrick,
    Sound like you had a good and fun Christmas. You guys also had heaps to eat especially you :-). I hope you have a good New Year. Good Work Patrick Keep it up :-).