Sunday, 23 June 2013

Holy Faith Sisters and Pope Pius X

The Holy Faith Sisters were the people who bought up my School Saint Pius X Catholic School. The leader of the Holy Faith Sisters was Margaret Aylward she went to jail for 7 months because she stole kids from the road, but those kid were orphans. Orphans are Kids or Adults that have no parents. Thats why Margaret Aylward went to jail. The Holy Faith Sister bought my school up in 1958.
Pope Pius was a good man he was very poor he walked to school with no shoes on because he didn't want shoes to brake so his Dad wont get angry at him to for him to buy some new pair of shoes. Pope Pius died in 1914 while he was still a priest. Hi died aged 79.  

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  1. Good Work Patrick look's like you know about the Holy Faith Sisters and St Pius very well. Keep up the good work Patrick. :)