Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Swimming Pool Description

The Pool is a long rectangular shape thing ,it is a very long item like a bus. The pool is under a marquee the marquee is like a house.  

The pool is warm like a spa pool and is indoors which was good for us because if it is raining it will protect us under the marquee. The pool is 15 meters long and 1 meter deep so it is long enough for us to swim in. The limit for people in the pool is around 16 people in the pool at a time.  The pool has a ladder we have to climb up to so we can go into the pool. The water is like a pond and it has nice calm water. The pool has the colour blue on the sides of it.

The pool has 4 things that the water comes out of and sometimes the chlorine smells very strong.  It has no salt water in it so it is nice and clean. It is only a small space in the pool, it is not the size of the beaches and oceans. The ground in the pool is nice and soft. The pool is on concrete and when we get in the pool it is warm but when we get out of the pool it is very cold for me.

When you splash in the water it make a echo sound. The sound when you splash the water is very loud and when you go under the water the water gets in your air and you can’t hear probably. The water is sometimes steamy and sometimes cold I like the water nice and warm.

Our pool is a cool because we have lots of fun in it playing and also learning how to swim.

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