Saturday, 15 June 2013

Swimming Recount

On the last lesson for the swimming lessons with the instructor we had a lot of fun, we had races, relays and free time after the swimming lesson. Our instructor was Kevin.

In the past swimming lessons we learnt how to glide on the water do arm circles and also backstroke. We sometimes have different instructors Jillian and Kevin.

My favourite stroke to do is floating and gliding on the water. We also had swimming competitions, Viliami came 1st and I came 2nd.

In the first swimming lesson we had Jillian and she taught us arm circles and gliding on the water as well. I liked to compete in swimming races because I am very confident to race people and I am a very good floater and I like to compete in competitions in the pool.

When I first got into the pool it was very warm and it was comfortable and I was getting used to the warm water.

After practising we had to get into a groups of 3 and when they called your group you had to race to the other side and the 1st one there was the winner. When Kevin said our group our group raced to the other side quick but I came 2nd and Misiotei came 1st and Christopher came last.

Kevin sorted us into 2 groups, group number 1 and number 2, I was in group number 2 and I was the second one to go. I was versing Asipeli and I beat him and it was down to the last 2, Alecia and Petra. When they were coming down to our side it looked like it was going to be a tie. Petra was coming she didn’t touch the wall but Alecia did and my group were screaming and splashing in the pool and I was very happy :).

Kevin told us how long we could swim and I could swim 2 times around the pool. The length of the pool is 15 metres and it can go 1 metre deep. After the swimming lesson we had free time and we had races in the pool.

The instructors taught us a lot of good stuff for us to survive in the water. After the swimming lesson we High Fived Kevin and got dried and went back to class. I was very sad that the instructor was going because I liked learning new things every day.

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