Thursday, 27 June 2013

Teddy Bear Description

The Awesome’s Bear’s name is Fuzzy
The cool Teddy Bear is brown like Dairy Milk Chocolate.
The brown Teddy Bear is soft like a blanket.
The handsome Teddy Bear has a footprint like A Elephant.
The cute  Teddy Bears nose is round like a circle.
The smart Teddy Bear is fluffy like dog’s skin.
A  Teddy Bear is chubby like a Sumo Wrestler.
The Soft  Teddy Bear is short like a koala.
The small Teddy Bear is cuddly like a cat.
This  Teddy Bear has Big Feet like a monkey.
The outstanding Teddy bear looks handsome with his bow tie like Chris Brown.    
The Human like Bear has 2 feet like a normal human being.


  1. Hi Patrick it's Mr Hooker I am teaching in Thailand. You are going brainier and good at describing a teddy bear. Amazing Work Patrick.

  2. Good description of The teddy bear Patrick you can describe a teddy bear good and can match some other stuff to the teddy bear. Well Done Patrick.