Sunday, 10 July 2016

Activity 2- Day 2 Weekly Activities...(Holiday Blogging)

Learn: Rio de Janeiro, the host of Olympic Games this year, is a huge, vibrant and dynamic city. Perhaps the most famous landmark in the city is a large statue of Jesus called ‘Christ the Redeemer’ that sits on top of a hill overlooking Rio.

New Zealand is also known for many famous landmarks, including the SkyTower and the Harbour Bridge. In your blog list 3 famous landmarks in New Zealand. Along with the name of each landmark provide a brief description of it. Where is the landmark located? In your opinion, why is it famous?  

The 3 Landmarks:

1. Rangitoto Island:
Image result for rangitoto islandRangitoto is a Volcano which is 5.5 kilometres long. Rangitoto is the most recent Volcano out of 50 across the whole of Auckland. It is located on the Hauraki Gulf. Rangitoto is also the largest of the Volcano's, it covers up 2311 hectares of land. This is famous because it is one of the most recent Volcano's and it attracts foreigners that come to New Zealand.

2. The New Zealand Museum (Te Papa)
Image result for Te PapaTe Papa Museum is the biggest Museum in New Zealand. It is the National Museum and Art Gallery. It looks more like Movie Cinemas with a whole lot of Art Displays and History of our Country. It is located in the Capital City of Wellington and it was found in 1865. This is famous because not only foreigners but New Zealanders like myself can go there and learn more about our country prior to when it even existed.

3. Eden Park
Image result for eden parkEden Park is New Zealand's largest stadium, it can hold up to 60,000 people. It was used for both Rugby and Cricket World Cup's and also used for the Downer NRL Auckland Nines (Rugby League). It was first opened in 1900 and became a Cricket Stadium in 1903. It has a statue of one of the greatest All Black's Michael Jones in front of the Stadium. It is located in Central Auckland between suburbs of Mount Eden and Kingsland. This is famous because it has been the stadium were the All Blacks have won 2 Rugby World Cups and has hosted 3 Global Sports World Cups.

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