Thursday, 28 July 2016

Prayer 2016

Defining Prayer:

What is prayer?
Prayer to me is a short message we say to God, either to tell him to forgive us or help us with anything we feel difficult with. Prayer can be a daily routine, we can pray before we eat, before we go to sleep and in ordinary times.

How do you pray?
We can pray in different languages, we can pray individually or we can pray with a group of other people.

When do you pray?
There is no time period which is expected for you to pray, in our class we pray everyday after our morning tea break.

Where do you pray?
You can pray anywhere really, the church isn’t a particular place where you have to pray. You can pray outside under the trees in a quiet place, in your bedroom or anywhere.

What is the most common form of prayer you do?
The most common form of prayer for me is by reading the bible (Lectio Divina). I frequently read the bible in class and I respect God’s word.

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