Friday, 4 October 2013

A fun day I had Today :-)

Today it was fun seeing all the other kids costumes. My costumes was Hulk but I couldn't take a photo of me in the costume. They said that we were going to be looking forward to a fun day. At Youthtown we could color in Superheros, Make Superhero masks and make our own logo for us. For cooking we made Cupcakes with delicious icing on the top. Also we were allowed to put little bits of Candy Floss.We were split into 3 groups so we could make the Cupcakes on our own. After we made the Cupcakes we were allowed to put icing and choose a color of icing. The color of our icing was Green and it tasted delicious. After they were cooked and baked and put all of the icing and the Candy Floss on we could eat it, it was so delicious.

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