Friday, 11 October 2013

Last day of the Holidays :-)

Today was a fun day because we went to Youthtown Central in the city. Youthtown Central is a bigger Youthtown than our one Panmure and also Central was the first Youthtown. When we got to Central we were told that we were having a Competition against 3 other teams from Central because they had a lot of people and they had to split them up. The first Activity we did was to design our own Youthtown Panmure banner for the Competition, it was fun. Then when we finished doing our banner we were told that the next one was the hardest one out of all of them. When we got to the Next Station we had to get into 2 groups one group was making a Crane and the other group was making a Marble course. We finally completed it which proved that we worked together and had Teamwork. When it was lunch time we got to have a swim in their pool and they were to going to put a course we could do in the pool. I did the course it was so easy. But sometimes I fall into the water. Today was a fun day to celebrate the Last day of the Holidays.

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