Friday, 4 October 2013

Going Training for Rugby League :-)

After I got picked up from Youthtown we went straight to my Toa Samoa Rugby league training at Panmure District School. While we were waiting for the Coach to set up the cones for our training me and the rest of my team were playing Touch to get warmed up. Training for me is really good because it can keep us fit and stay focused when we are playing against a different team. In training today we had stations and were split into groups of 3 or groups of 4. After training was finished we had to practice our Samoan Haka called the Siva Tau.We picked up the Haka well because there were some boys in the team who played for Samoa last year and that already knew the Haka. After training the Coach told us to go and practice the Haka so we know it well enough.

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