Tuesday, 8 October 2013

What a Cool Day :-)

Today was a cool day because the theme of the day was Africa Safari and we got to decorate stuff that match up with it. I made a African hat and Binoculars. The First thing we did was playing Cricket/Soccer. Cricket Soccer is just like Cricket but you add some skills of Soccer. So in Cricket/Soccer you use a Soccer ball instead. Then you bowl or throw the Soccer Ball and they have to kick the ball. If they kick the ball you have to run to a base and back. If you kick the ball and someone else catches the ball you are out. After we finished playing Cricket/Soccer we had morning tea. After morning tea we started to make our African Hat and our Binoculars after we finished making them the Staff decided who had the best things. I was happy because I was a tie with another boy because my Hats were one of the best. I had a very cool day.

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