Saturday, 5 October 2013

Long day Riding :-)

Today was a long day for me because I was out for most of the day. In the morning Me and my Dad went to get a new part for his van. Straight away after we left that we went to go some Breakfast we had Wendy's in Otahuhu.Me and My Dad ha the same meals we had the Platter and a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Muffin. After we finished our meals we went to get a new Rego for My Dad's van in Mt Wellington. Then My Dad was talking to my Uncle and my Uncle said to meet them at the flea-market in Otara. So when we got home we went to get change into our biker gears. So we were at the flea market and they decided that we were going to Ride for one of there friends and my dad's friend's for his unavailing because he passed away 2 years ago. The unavailing was all the way in Paeroa near Hamilton. When we arrived there, there were a lot of Motorbikes because he was a Biker as well. The Haka they did for him was amazing and quite scary as well. After we left the unavailing we went to see a Rugby League game it was going to be a tribute to him.The final score for the game was a draw 18 all. After we left the League game we went to Hamilton to go see my Uncle, Aunty and cousins because their house burned down. But my Uncle wasn't there. So we went to see if he was at the Burned House but we thought we just missed him. So then we headed back to Auckland. But then we decided that we were going to a Vietnamese Cafe Restaurant to have Dinner I had 8 Spring Rolls and a Coconut Thick shake.

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