Monday, 7 October 2013

The Best day at Youthtown :-)

Today was a very fun day because we were playing lots of fun games. The first game we played was Touch Rugby I was very good at playing it. When we were told to go in the Activity Zone we were told to get into pairs an that we were going to make or if you would you could design your Pizza with your partner. I was with my best friend there Zach me and him used the ingredients of Pepperoni, Cheese Ham, Tomato Sauce, Tomato and Chicken. After the Pizza were cooked we got to eat it I thought that our Pizza was delicious. So when it was lunch we could play in the Gym we were playing Dodge ball. Dodge ball was fun for me because no one called get me out. Then when we were finish playing Dodge ball all of us went to the Park on Tripoli Rd. When we got back from the Park we were going to have a meeting. Everyday we have a Star of the Day and Word of the Day. I was Word of the Day because the word of the day was respect and the Staff thought that Ii was showing respect and acting like a role model.So after the meeting was finished we were watching a movie and I was coloring people's hair with Hair Chalk it was kind of fun just coloring people's hair. Then just before I left my friend Zach did my hair into green it looked cool.

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