Thursday, 10 October 2013

Most Talented Day Ever :-)

Today was one of the best day ever because the theme today at Youthtown was celebrities and rockstars. I was dressed up as Chris Brown because he is a good dancer and a good singer to. When I got to Youthtown there was one girl dressed up as Beyonce and another girl that was dressed up as Selena Gomez. When I saw everyone there was one boy as PSY the Gangnam Style Singer he looked cool. When we had our meeting we were going to make our own Magazine Cover. I was making a Magazine cover but first we had to take a photo of ourselves so It can be as the background of our Magazine cover. For Cooking we had some biscuits with Chocolate it was delicious that I wanted to eat it all. We were also going to look forward to our own Youthtown's Got Talent.When it started we were acting like it was a real show. My favorite audition was The Dougie because everyone got to go on the stage and Dougie. So when we got called to come up I was doing the Dougie and they said I was one of the best.

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